Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hornets Fever

May was dominated by Hornets basketball. Several nights a week were dedicated to watching their games. I was lucky enough to attend most of the home games because my neighbor and buddy, Erik, works for the team. For the away games I saddled up at a nearby bar with some buddies. The playoff run was incredible and although we eventually lost to the despicable Spurs, I think the team has a bright future with Chris Paul at the helm.

It was funny for me to find myself becoming a Hornets fan. Since the glory days of Ricky Pierce I have bled the green and gold of the Sonics, but the new ownership and their impending move to Oklahoma City has really soured that loyalty. I suppose having tickets to see the Hornets live helped ease the transition; it was fun to watch the season progress from nearly deserted stands to a screaming sea of orange during the playoffs. Like everything in the Big Easy, going to games is mellow. I can drive from my house and park in my secret spot near the arena in about 10 minutes.

On May 27th I turned twenty-nine. To celebrate, Lauren took me on a fun trip to Pensacola. The beaches here are miles long of white sand and are home to some decent surf. The town itself was a funny mix of beach and hick culture. Picture a good ol' boy in cut-off jean shorts and a camaflouge hat. Now picture him with sandals, Oakleys, and a surfboard. We passed our time here playing miniature golf, racing go-carts and eating at Cracker Barrel.

To wrap up the month, let me introduce you to Ignatius, our new cat. He is black and white and about two months old. My old cat, Killer, was the greatest cat that ever lived, so Iggy has some big shoes to fill. So far, he gains points for being funny and running around the house. But he loses points for waking me up in the middle of the night by scratching me in the face and then running off.