Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer 2008

The end of the school year brought on a new chapter in my New Orleans experience. I wasn't returning to work at ISL the next year so my summer started with a job search. In the end I chose to work for Kaplan Test Prep. It should be a fun and stimulating way to earn some bucks.

There was a lot that happened this summer. On the family side of things we went to visit Seattle. My niece and nephews are getting so big. The boys demonstrated their bravery by licking the trees in the public park. Was I supposed to have stopped that? Also, my cousin Sam came down to visit and we had a great time playing sports, watching the olympics, and getting scared by alligators.

Athletically, I picked up a new sport. Right in the midst of learning tennis I was persuaded to try racquetball. This sport had always repelled me in the past. It just reeked of middle-aged men sweating their fat asses off. That coupled with the attire of headbands and protective goggles was enough to count me out. But, good sport that I am, I agreed to play with my friend Devin once. Well, I love it. I don't think we have played tennis since.

I am still not that good but I enjoy the fast pace of the game. It looks like I am becoming "Sweaty Old Guy Playing Racquetball." I already am the the guy at the basketball court with too short of shorts. Like me, my cousin Sam also really likes racquetball. Not like me, he is pretty good at it. He came to visit and we enjoyed canoeing and watching the Olympics.

What else? I finished watching the Sopranos series. I am embarrassed that I watched that much television, but it was pretty good. That and we welcomed yet another pet into the house, Selah. So we are now a happy family of two people, two cats, and a lizard.

The summer wrapped up with a visit from Gustav. That stupid gust of wind caused me to miss the second week of school and haul way too much furniture up to the second floor. So here we are, in Fall. I wish I had more details to write about the summer but, truth be told, the Louisiana heat melted my memory.